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Power flushing a central heating system cleans component parts such as pipes, valves radiators and the pump and boiler. When a new boiler is to be fitted a flush of the system should be completed first to protect it and avoid contamination from sludge in the old system.

Many of our customers with Service Agreements with the larger energy suppliers are now finding that new parts will not be fitted until a Power flush is completed. This is because the lifespan of the new components will be shortened by installation into a sludged system. We can conduct a power flush at a fraction of the cost of these larger companies

How is a Powerflush done?

A power flushing unit comprising a tank, pump and filter is brought to site. A radiator is removed and the equipment connected in its place. A combination of high velocity water and sludge removing chemicals is then used to clean the system. Initially this is completed with all radiator valves fully opened but then each radiator is individually cleaned by closing valves to other radiators on the system.

In an open vented system (hot water provided by a storage cylinder) we also empty and clean the header tank normally situated in the loft.

At the end of this process water is drained from the system and fresh water added. A chemical inhibitor is then added to prevent further sludge build up and the system is balanced if required.

This process can take 3-8 hours dependent on the system size. We normally connect to a radiator in the kitchen or other room where there are, perhaps, solid floors but if we are connecting on a carpet. We pull the carpet back and put plastic sheeting down to protect in the event of any small spillage.

We use Sentinal chemicals and equipment.


Prices start from as little as £199

Call 07552078066 for an over the phone


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